Friday, May 10, 2013

A Project A Day Keeps Insanity Away

Like so many working Moms I struggle to find time to keep it all together - home, school, work, family and so on. One of my biggest challenges and pet peeves is clutter management. Between art projects, school papers(the kids and mine), work documents, personal research and junk mail my home quickly becomes a sea of paper. I found a great filing system years ago but then decided that I wanted a paper free home and I purchased a Fujitsu ScanSnap to help digitize anything important. It came with a digital file cabinet which is great if technology never fails;). So this system works to a point... Again the finite concept called 'hours in a day' keeps rearing its ugly head. Not one to waddle in a problem for long, I've found a 'project a day' system that seems to be a working enhancement. I schedule 20 minutes every afternoon to tackle a 'de-clutter' effort. There is something so therapeutic about this process and it makes my weekends less focused on 'house stuff'.

Breaking the larger task into bite size segments yields great returns. I feel a sense of relief and I feel more energized which fuels me to get through the evening and the next day with a greater sense of calm or order. I also make a point to reward myself with a treat every now and again. This week I tackled my growing mail stash and other annoyances in my foyer. As a reward I purchased a new mail organizer to spruce up the old eye sore. Today I'm less stressed, my family loves the clean space and with a healthy dose of Mommy prodding they're following my lead in maintaining the new system:)

"A project a day keeps insanity away"

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