Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tummy Tuck Tuesdays

Welcome to Tummy Tuck Tuesdays - a weekly series devoted to fitness and dietary tips that target the curse of most Moms.  Belly fat, gut, abs, core - whatever you call it - a quick look to the left and right will show that Moms aren't the only peeps struggling to tame the mid section. Fortunately, we have an excuse but who wants to find comfort in excuses???  Fashion is great, but we all know that good health and a physique that you love are true measurements of great (life)style. 

We want to make this series achievable so we are starting with baby steps.  As with most goals, once you see results you'll have the confidence to tackle the larger goals.  We hope that trimming the tummy will increase confidence and serve as motivation to expand your fitness goals.  For busy Moms, not having time to workout is not an excuse, but a reality.  That said, we will use this series to offer tips and ideas on quick and easy execises, nutrition and styling secrets to help tuck the tummy.  

Today we start the series with a quick exercise routine from www.greatist.com entitled 10 Minute Core-Blasting Pilates Workout.  Follow this pilates routine with 20 minutes of cardio and you've gotten in 30 minutes of daily exercise!  Tip:  Add an accountability partner to this challenge.  Ideally, your partner will be an active participant(a fitness buddy) or someone that will give you encouragement and help you keep this scheduled.  The key to any goal is focus and in a Moms world 'scheduling'.  So grab a fitness buddy and schedule this routine into your daily calendar.  Reward yourself with time off on the weekend and please share your success with us!  Your success may be just the fuel another Mom needs to get going. 

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